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McDonald Wilson Dance Academy
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 Preschool Dance
(Creative Movement and Basic Pre-Ballet)

For Ages 3 to 5 years

These special classes for preschool children develop a broad range of movement skills and enhance coordination, flexibility and rhythm. The class work, designed specifically for this age group, leads children naturally into the study of ballet and other dance forms. This is a fun experience for all children.

For Ages 6 and up

The structure and discipline of ballet classes allow young students to develop the balance, poise, flexibility and strength necessary not only for ballet but for all dance forms. Classes follow the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.) syllabus as well as open work from various styles. The R.A.D. is a set syllabus of work based on classical technique, free movement and character dancing. Children must take two ballet classes/week if they wish to be eligible to take a R.A.D. examination. Applicable to Ballet 1 and up.

For Ages 6 and up - Adults

High energy classes set to popular music offer children, teens and adults an exciting way to enjoy the benefits of dance training. Jazz students are encouraged to augment their training with a weekly ballet class. Students must be taking ballet if they wish to be eligible for an examination. Applicable to Jazz 1 and up.

For Ages 4 and up

One of the most popular dance forms of all times, tap classes are terrific for developing co-ordination and rhythm. Tap students are encouraged to augment their training with a weekly ballet class.

For Ages 6 and up

Modern dance includes 2 areas of movement, creative dance and modern dance technique. There are various contemporary styles and techniques which have been developed since the beginning of the 20th century. The identifying aspects of modern dance include... use of torso, use of space, use of weight as in (fall/suspension) and the use of parallel legs, as well as turnout, all done in barefeet! Flexibility and strength are developed through repetition.

For Ages 8 and up

This exciting class will explore the wide and diverse spectrum of the culture and dance of  Hip Hop and Funk Styles, from the old school to the new.  The foundations of Locking, Popping, Top Rock, New Jack Swing, House and more will be explored.  This class is great for improving poly-rhythmic movement capabilities, encouraging personal expression and improving body isolations and overall coordination.  Students will develop the skills to be able to "freestyle" and become a versatile dancer!

For Ages 8 and up